September 8, 2020: Roadside Stand Opens

Our roadside stand is open for business starting Tuesday, September 8, 7 days a week, dawn to dusk. We have 3lb bags of apples at our roadside stand for $6. Garlic is also available at $2/bulb. We have honey as well as rhubarb jelly and apple jelly. Please note this is a self serve option located next to our mailbox at 684 Tripp Settlement Road. Cash only please.

Here is a review of what we have:

Apples $6 (3lb bag)
Garlic $2/bulb
Jelly $7
Honey $6.50/330g and $13/650g

We have a miniscule crop of Sandow apples this year so the u-pick is closed for 2020. This is the lowest yield ever in our 10 years of ownership. We have attributed the loss to late frosts, drought and the biennial nature of the Sandow apple variety.