Our Story

Sandow Farm is located in Keswick Ridge, a rural community in New Brunswick famous for its scenic rolling hills and apple orchards. The farm is situated on a 5-acre property within the Wolastoq/Saint John River watershed and has been a family farm since it was first settled.

We’re a family who cares deeply for organic, local and regenerative agriculture. We purchased this farm when our youngest child was a baby from a family that we knew had similar values to ours, and had been great land stewards. We wanted to raise our children in the country with clean air, fresh water and plenty of acres to roam.

We made the right choices! We continue to learn and experience so much as orchardists.

Marieka Chaplin: Marieka has over 20 years of experience in the non-profit conservation sector. She loves the orchard during all four seasons; from  Nordic skiing around to orchard to warm apple cider sipped at the campfire. 

Phil Chaplin: Phil is a professional Engineer. He’s got lots of physical strength for operating the pole pruner in March and hauling apples in October. He’s the consummate host to customers who visit the u-pick.

Passionate about organic agriculture, we built on the tradition and gained organic certification and maintained it for six years.   We use no man-made chemicals or sprays of any sort.  Our apples are tree-ripened and frost-sweetened, having great taste and nutrition.  We’ve had six years as a certified organic orchard. Due to the rising costs of certification, currently we are operating as a spray-free orchard, with delicious & nutritious Sandow apples. We are proud to be implementing the wholistic practices as organic orchardists. Our dominant apple variety is the Sandow, the namesake of our farm.

Our apples are grown by an agriculture that stewards the land and involves the people drawing sustenance from it.  Growing fruit in our region presents certain challenges and a great deal more work than one might expect.

Being orchardists is a year-round project:

Wintertime means pruning,

Spring brings tree planting and grafting,

Summer involves insect and disease management, and

Autumn brings the bounty of the apple harvest!

An apple a day does keep the doctor away – there are many health benefits to eating apples.


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